Northsound Refrigeration

Roller & Associates is proud to partner with Northsound Refrigeration as our primary service partner for many of our product lines. The knowledgeable & friendly team at Northsound offers professional, reliable, and consistently excellent support to our customers. Our partnership helps facilitate any necessary service or repair work in a timely manner.





Lay out a walk-in in seconds with Room Builder: Need an entire room of shelving? Simply input your room dimensions and up to two doorways and presto… the Room Builder automatically optimizes the space and places shelving within the room. Finally, with one click, all components get added to your cart for error-free ordering.


Arctic Walk-In Coolers & Freezers

Virtual Tour: Explore Arctic walk-ins and all the features available for your project.

Coolers & Freezers Assembly Video: Set up an Arctic Walk-In Cooler or Freezer in less than an hour!


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2022 Product Line Overview:


Krowne Metal

Build Your Dream Bar Online: Build your dream bar in real-time 3D now. Choose from over 25,000 different configurations to design the perfect bar for your application. Krowne has five configurators to best suit your needs! BarFlex, BeerFlex, FridgeFlex, FaucetFlex and BarFlexPro are each intuitive, innovative tools that put the power of professional bar design right at your fingertips. Available for your laptop, tablet or mobile device.