Krowne BarPro Network

Michael GordonAndrew Smith

Certified Bar Pro by Krowne

Roller & Associates is proud to have two certified members of Krowne’s BarPro Network on our team: Michael Gordon and Andrew Smith!

Each member of the BarPro network is certified to provide hands-on design support throughout all phases of a bar project. All BarPro’s have been heavily trained and tested to ensure an elevated level of service and technical expertise to ensure a smooth process. This encompasses the use of our cutting-edge configurators BarFlexPro, FloorDesigner, and BeerFlex to offer 3D and augmented reality design services in the field. Each member will also be equipped with specialty tools needed to assist with beverage dispensing systems, bar design, and overall bar efficiency. Michael and Andrew are now able to offer personalized design services, and to collaborate on-site with your team.

To establish and ensure appropriate levels of expertise, each BarPro successfully participated in an intensive training course for our representatives in Krowne’s brand-new headquarters and successfully passed a technical exam. Our certified network of BarPro’s are now ready to offer “Krowne on the Ground” individualized design services in your market.

BarPro’s are distinguishable in the field with their signature orange BarPro hardhat, safety vest, polo and tool bag. Each member will have the necessary instruments to perform technical evaluations on our systems in the field, along with critical tools like angle measuring devices to improve the bar design process.

The training does not end there: Each certified BarPro will continue to take part in technical training courses to ensure up to date knowledge to match the speed in which Krowne focuses on innovation and product line expansion. Each BarPro will also be responsible for sharing their knowledge with their local team on a regular basis to ensure all Krowne representatives are prepared to work with you on any project.

Now let’s design your dream bar together!