Ultra-Max Heavy Griddles by Star – Redesigned

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[av_three_fourth ]The re-designed Ultra-Max Heavy Duty counter top equipment line by Star features:

  • Cool-to-the-Touch technology
  • Heavy duty chrome knobs
  • Industry Leading 3-Year Warranty

The Ultra-Max Heavy Duty Griddles also includes:

  • MECHANICAL snap-action thermostats embedded at every 12” within 3/16” of the cooking surface. It also product features 30,000 BTU burners with cooking surface ±15°F to Set Point. Durable…Heat, Water & Grease resistant.
  • Heavy Duty construction with 24” deep TRUE 1” thick heavy steel plate. Don’t pay for 1” and get 7/8” like with Brand-X.

The Ultra-Max Heavy Duty Radiant Charbroilers also includes:

  • Heavy cast iron burner 20,000 BTU burners at every 6”
  • Heavy duty, high strength steel alloy radiants
  • Standard 5” Stainless Steel backsplash with tapered sides…standard
  • Extra-deep, large capacity water pan

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