From classic coffees to Latte specialties

Franke Coffee System

FrankeThe Franke FoamMaster is the new premium class among coffee machines. Is there a particular beverage you long for? The FoamMaster will easily make your wish come true – from classic coffees to Latte specialties. This all-rounder is as unbelievably versatile in its selection as it is easy to operate.

You can quickly and easily select your beverage program on the intuitive touchscreen menu and adjust it to your needs at any time. The modern design of the FoamMaster also leaves nothing to be desired. Shiny black, shaped with elegance, it is a true visual treat that gives the finishing touch to any interior.

The FoamMaster is in the premium class of coffee machines for good reason: whether its classical Coffees or milk creations with perfect foam of the right consistency – with the FoamMaster, you can effortlessly dispense your customers‘ every wish into a cup.

Thanks to the revolutionary operating system with touchscreen navigation, operation is particularly easy, efficient and individually adjustable. In addition, it is a true visual delight with it shiny black panels and elegantly designed housing.
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