Effective Merchandising Tips from Structural Concepts


  • What you see, smell and hear directly affects what you will decide to buy.
  • FACT: 60% of food quality perception is based on the environment.

Helpful tips proven to capture your customer’s attention:

  • A black interior makes your case disappear and your fresh, colorful products “pop”.
  • Create a colorful border around your fresh products using larger platters.
  • See the freshness! Tiered glass shelving allows maximum visibility on every level.
  • Adjust shelves to accommodate a variety of merchandise and to add visual interest.
  • Mirrored ends and reflective rear doors help the display appear fresh and full.
  • Combine single serving foods onto a large platter to create a fresh image.
  • Create a theme by adding props, greenery, colorful fabrics or bottles of wine. Be creative!

Remember, it’s all about stimulating the desire to purchase. Make your displays attractive and enticing using shapes, colors, textures, props and creativity.

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